A review: Beautiful Boy (2018)

Beautiful Boy was showed at the Toronto Film Festival in October 2018 and had it’s premiere in Norway today on January 4th.

This raw story between a father (Steve Carell) that is trying to help his crystal meth addicted son (Timothée Chalamet) to find back to himself is definitely a movie that’ll move you in one way or another.

Steve Carell plays David Sheff, father of Nic Sheff (Chalamet) who’s dealing with addiction and having to confront the long road to his recovery that involves rehabs, meetings and evaluations. Nic’s road to recovery is a long one. Once you think he’s back on track, he’s fallen off again and to see how it affects the people closest to him is heartbreaking. As it probably is for anyone close to someone struggling with addiction. Carrell’s character is constantly reminded by doctors that relapsing is a part of the recovery and that sobriety is only obtained by incredible hard work.

‘Beautiful Boy’ is based on the two memoirs from Nic and David where the first is battling with his addiction to crystal meth. The film is haunting with the way they jump on the timeline to a younger Nic, a happier more free child and back to a young adult falling so easily back into this evil circle of drugs, lies and relapsing after being sober in between it all. We see a father and family around Nic that deeply cares for him and tries to help him even though they’re starting to realize that it’s a year long addiction they’re up against and that steering Nic away from the self-destructive path is not as easy as they first thought.

If there is one scene I particularly liked it would have to be the scene where Nic’s been a quick trip back home to get some things and he tries to run away before they get to talk to him. David is walking after him but Nic manages to drive away. What he didn’t expect is that Karen, his stepmom (Maura Tierney) decides to take the family car and drive after him in a desperate attempt to make him either to stay or realize that they all care. It just showed the unfairness of the effect it has to Nic’s family. His younger siblings too start to realize that something’s up with their beloved big brother.

The film is beautiful and heartbreaking but it’s also a dark, sad and truthful movie of how drugs affect not only the user but also the ones around them.

Having read somewhere that the soundtrack to this movie is falsely adding to the scenes, I must say I disagree. Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’ and the soothing of Sigur Rós’s ‘Svefn-g-englar’ is in my unpopular opinion just adding more to the already emotional and beautiful scenes. A+ for the music used in this movie.

You can check out the soundtracks here; Beautiful Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)